His long slender fingers moved with subtleness. The music that emanated from his touch was mesmerising. She could not take her eyes off him.

He was a pretty sight and the talent that he bore was surprising and was holding her in awe. She could not but stare at him.

Her eyes kept greedily devouring him. The beauty of the music he created and the being he was.

He could see her give him her lustful looks, the desire and eyes that were calling him to her. She, the epitome of physical desire, the kind he tried to evade. Her eyes were haunting him. Snaring him within them, not letting go.

The fingers kept straining on the keys, she was in her reverie, thoughts flowed to her, like when she be at the culmination of her creativity.

She moved forward, her dress flowing behind her, her black eyes full of lust and glowing for him.

A quick gesture, a piece of paper placed on the piano. An invitation from Sand to Frederick.

An invitation to run away to where it be farther than far.

Where his mind be hers, and only hers!

Inspired by Chopin – Desire for Love by Jerzy Antczak