Life is not about complaining and it is all about living it.

Jut told someone to get lost and started missing him in a few minutes. Despite the idiocy of the man I think I have grown familiar to him over the years that not having him around would make it a not so my life. Well let us see if he comes around, not sure, but yeah let’s see!

And what else?

Yeah something else I have realised over the last few days. Sleep be essential to living souls, and I, I am in the process of becoming a zombie! I proclaimed many a time that I be one, but never dreamt I would turn one. Well yeah, as they say, be careful of what you say! I shall in the future, or rather I would try to.

What else be my rants for the day or the lessons learnt? Well

a. Never trust a man who cheated on you once, he lied once, he would do it many a time, over and over and over again!

b. Never do anything that you are not happy doing! You do not like it, then it ain’t meant for you!

c. Never do anything you do not like doing, specially if it ain’t paying you but peanuts! Yeah NEVER!

d. Get sleep! I mean SLEEP!

e. It is nice to have a companion who makes you laugh and with whom one can have good conversation. Kind of makes your day:)

f. Some people never get the meaning of what they say! And have a tough time grasping what others say!

g. Weekends are the time that some people work the most! (including me!)

h. Sometimes life does not make any sense, has no sense, and is full of nonsense!

i. Laughing too much can give one a headache! (surprised? Then you haven’t laughed enough!)

j. Clumsiness is a vice which can be deemed at times otherwise!

k. Some people make utter fools of themselves when drunk!

l. There are too many weddings this year!

So ends the rants for the day!

Thank you for thy patience in enduring the torture of reading till the end! This be a blog intended for the venting of frustration, and is not intended for creativity, merely for destressing!


The lost man hath called! Mmm something over which it be worth pondering…