What turns one heartless?

What turns one a sadist?

Those be the questions in her head.

Her friend tells her “ I want you to start thinking, when you turned into this insensitive emotionless being. Figure out, what caused this course!”

She knows when it all changed.

How it all changed. And due to who it all changed.

Nothing be worth mentioning unfortunately.

The tears never spilled out of her eyes, the words never spoken be left unspoken. The heart that holds it all turned stone and the mind rings alarms “hurt him before he causes hurt!”

It be one of those reflex reactions, where she sways unintended.

Scribbles of thoughts, of words, of tears suppressed.

The bitch the others see, be she.

The wounds cut too deep, seek pain. Pain caused as much as be induced.

She be the wounded beast, on the attack to anyone that comes close.
Hurt before hurt be upon her!

Words, lines, images.

Swirl churn blur.

The bitch looks on for better days, where her only pleasure not be mind games, with those who want to mess with her mind, but end up with messed up minds.