So I am back to travelling. Good thing? Bad thing? Not too sure!

After deciding to come 5 hours in advance thanks to the weather forecast on local media I was stuck in the middle of over 70 people waiting at the entrance to get into the airport. Not the nicest sight I must say at 1 am in the morning.

So naturally assuming they were all very politely queuing up to get in, I also wait with due respect.

Nopes they did not seem to budge! Why? Because they were not in a queue but merely waiting for the others of their group to turn up!

So much for that I head in after a good 30 minutes wait, thanks to my own stupidity.

In hand the nice novel my sis handed me to read on my way, which has on its cover for some weird reason “when death tells a story, you really have to listen” I hand over my ticket and passport to the security personnel.

Moments later I am in, putting my luggage in when a panic attack hits!

Yes, my passport is missing! Thank you! Now what?

Freaking out session and the security people thinking I am some intruder trying to get in by pretending an almost heart attack or something.

I find the passport a few minutes later all crumpled up with the luggage! Phew! ( Funnily mum threw such a tantrum I should not hold it in my hand and was adamant that I needs must put it in my bag for safety. What happens next? It goes missing! And then she did also advice me not to get into waters that are “unknown”! Question being am I to head to beach, look at the water and wait? Well if this were to be pronounced out loud, she would loudly pronounce an answer in the affirmative to my no surprise at all!)

Well this start is definitely interesting. Aruni tells me that the universe is speaking to me. And yes, it does seem to be speaking and trying to tell me, don’t go! Don’t go! (or it could be my mind playing games with me! Who knows and who cares anyways?)

I tell my sister “If I die, you will be very rich!” (wonder why I tell these stupid lines once in a while, but I do, so the people around me bear with them for most parts)

And then open the book she gives me for travel reading. What does it say in the first page?

You are going to die”

Hence commences my trip to Cancun and to COP 16, fingers crossed people for me to get there in one peace without missing any flights, without losing anything, or myself and senses in the process!

And now, me heads out from coffee bean to board the plane that is hopefully still there 🙂