I am in the Kuwait airport waiting for the gates to open for me to finally board a proper plane. (Hopeful. I might change my mind by the time i get to upload this)

Why do I say “proper plane?”well simply due to the fact that the earlier one definitely did not seem to be so. The flight attendants seem to be having a superiority complex as they do not seem to be wanting to be attending to “domestic servants/housemaids” and yeah me with brown skin seem to have been taken for one as well.

I requested for a warm glass of water for the lady flying in to work as a house main in Kuwait to be answered with “this is not cold”.

Hell with courtesy and being polite. Non discrimination definitely does not seem to be the norm today.

And I am seated on the floor simply because the place does not seem to be having enough chairs and typing this. I was a little too positive in assuming that I would be able to get hold of a free wifi zone. Guess that happens only in Sri Lanka. Where you have free wifi zones at the same time where you have free internet providers with stands put up for people to check on mail etc.

Well at times like this I do miss Colombo. And why do I have a feeling that I would miss home more during this trip!?

Let me now freeze my butt off in NY for the next 18 hours.
On a positive note, I am sure I will be striking a conversation with some random stranger who would like to know what I do, where I am headed and whether I am married. I seem to give people “OH i must talk to her or she will die vibe!” something I discovered over this journey.

Anyways who am I to complain? It is a choice between reading “The plane was still coughing. Smoke was leaking from both its lungs. When it crashed, three deep gashes were made in the earth” or talking to a stranger from Anuradapura who tells me as to how difficult her life has become due to inflation and leaving behind her daughter to work as a housemaid in Kuwait.

What do you think I picked?