The cold continues and so does my struggle at keeping awake.

In the cold others find warmth. A newly married couple sleep on a bench huddled together. i didn’t notice the new rings on their fingers until after a while. They seem happy. Sometimes i guess “two is better than one” especially when it’s cold.

I remember this time last year. I was in a better airport but the same long transits. Shehan was checking out his new laptop and i was comfortably lying in the Thai airport lobby.

It was much better and at least I was able to grab some sleep before reaching COP 15 to face an anti climax of my life on all levels.

Memories of last December, climate movement, “climate freaks” as Shehan would term them, and emotions lost in abundance rush in. (I did not blog then, I am glad I didn’t, those memories be lost within journals and papers of confused and frustrated emotions and expressions)

Wasted moments of life that be relived to comprehend sanity and insanity of a being who be called Vositha.

Life is open and lays itself down for analysis. She smiles to those who smile with her.

The world is suddenly filled with brown people and silence be replaced by smiles not words.

Sometimes smiles are better, at other times scratches.