On my way back from Cancun Messe after a journey of 1.5 hours to get here, with no language capacities to interact and then using hand gestures to make sense and then facial expressions to make sure that what be told through hand gestures be not interpreted in any form of obscenity.

I feel dumb and deaf at times in this land of Spanish speakers where I am yet to get any sleep. Sleep has forgotten me after having waited on me for months and now I be one lost cause for him. Sad be the plight but one survives nevertheless.

Anyways coming back to the life of a COP 16 participant, the length of the drive be frustrating and Florent is at the edge of his patience every time we are lost in translation or no translation. Neither his, nor my English nor French seem to be of any help to us in this land of sun and salsa. He having assumed that I understand Spanish like many who live here by the looks of me, has lost hopes of me being the formidable interpreter i presume. Lan plays the calming effect with her pretty smiles while stare onto the road that lies ahead, and burn myself 4 shades darker in a hot blazing sun from the shutters of the car windows. Quite a contrast from freezing to death last year in Copenhagen. I wished then there be more sunshine, now I know not what I wish in this regard.

Well, we have finally got out accreditation, Lan in her pretty pink tag, Florent and I in our not pink tags , finally in a bus that is shaded to my greatest relief. But all of us are late for COY workshops, and pack up for another 1 hour of travelling that beckons us.

The life is attached to a laptop, interventions, policing people, climate coordination and other coordination. I am still jet lagged, sleep deprived, starved yet find a certain amount satisfaction towards the capacity that I hold within to hold things from within intact and prevent myself from crumpling into a million particles. I be more inspired by those who have reached from all over, though be in fewer numbers than Copenhagen, with a lot of inspiration, and determination to see that youth movement be unified, empowered and aimed at a more strategized future.

Despite my incapacity of communication with the Mexican world, and the lack of money to sustain myself 3 meals and my transport, life be inspired by those who think alike, and work with optimism at a time of pessimism,
That being told, Lan and Florent make me believe that workaholics do have hope in finding their soul mates and believing in love, and Katha, Priti that I can actually love Indians, Kirk that power naps actually are “power naps”, Pen for getting me in touch with my “feminine” side and that though over worked, fatigued and sleep deprived, salsa can do me a world of good! Last but not the AYCC, NZD, CYCC that people can bond fast and in doing so can make things work! I mean “Make things WORK!”

So Welcome to Cancun, and COP 16 and Letters from COP 16!