It takes only minutes to fall in love, to fall out of love and then also to lose respect for someone.

Funny ain’t it? The change of a second and a change of circumstance.

Change be the word of the day!

Love happens not when we want it to, but exactly when we do not want it to, at times of course. I vouch not for having fallen in love, actually vouch for the contrary.

Love has been the last thing on my mind of late, rather strangulation of suffocation would be a better wording for my mind’s thoughts.

Watching someone sleep and wanting to strangle them and yet overcoming the desire is a powerful expression of self will.
The control that I did not fathom I held within.

And then wanting to say many a word but keeping mum while silence reigns taught me what control be. Control of actions and words. Something in the process of mastering and yet to be mastered. But I be a good apprentice I hope, and certainly one that be determined.

As Aruni would say, end of year brings great change and understanding of life, well I cannot but agree with her in this case.

Life has changed for the best, and I call it “good riddance of bad rubbish”.

Let me pause there and get back to counting my pennies.

And boy am I glad that my writer’s block has vanished!