Have you ever had this weird feeling when you saw someone and due to that not spoken to that person for donkey’s years?

Well I have!

It was when i was back in university and this guy’s presence kind of used to rub on me. Well not rub per se, I would name him a presence that did not mean much to me yet sort of annoyed me.

I used to see him in the same classes as I was in and then sit in class with his feet posed on the chair in front of him. Me being the “goody two shoes” as one would call me to be, would look at this creature and ponder why his existence was taken into consideration in the creation of this world.

Well I know such consideration not be for my humble consideration in front of God the all mighty but then I could not help but wonder. ( I can be a little too wise for my own good at times)

I remember him trying to grow his hair long and then one day give me tips on how to maintain my hair ( those tips actually worked) and then on another occasion him talk to me about how cool it is to be wearing eyeliner. ( I never used such at that point of my life)

Of course I was thinking “ weird!”.

But the weirdness did not stop there.

It continues into years of non communication till I met him a few months ago at a commission hearing I normally attend. For some reason we struck a few lines of conversation. I remember not what we spoke of, but I think that was the longest I had spoken to him till that point in my life.

Today I find myself funnily hanging out with him often and having the most entertaining conversations I have had with a “guy” and then to my hugest surprise in life, smsing him for most part of the day! Yes I presume we are both a little jobless in our own way though employed otherwise. But then at times such waste of time puts a smile on my face.
For those who is always in search of a lesson in what you read. The inevitable question.

“What be the moral of the story?”


There be no moral to this story.

May be there is but my motive be not to point it out or to point out any moral. That being left for those to figure out in their own good time. I am not yet an expert of figuring out the moral of this story. Even if I did I have a feeling that I be in denial to admit that it be the “moral” of “this story”.

At this very moment, my motive be to rant! Yes just to rant!

And that being done I shall shut up!