Someone told me today that he loves me for zillion and three reasons. I asked him to name the three. After an effort here is his answer.

“One, you teach me new words” ( he was referring to me talking in legal terms after a long day where I was in a very complaining mood)

“Two, well two ,.. (the wait a little too long) “I shall think very deeply about this.” ( His answer to many things when he lacks an appropriate answer, or his sentence does not end with “and stuff”.)

Don’t take me wrong, he does come up with some of the most entertaining conversations most of the time, but I think of late I bug the poor man too much for him to get anything out of his mouth.

Earlier today it dawned on me that I was rapidly developing the capacity to predict most of what would be his responses to my retorts.

“ This is like sustaining a conversation with myself. I don’t see the point of this “relationship”. I could actually do the same without being in a “relationship” with you!”

His response to it “that’s offensive!”. ( In all calmness. Have to admit the man does have some patience of late. Quite surprising when I think of him and how he was a few years ago. Honest to God, I could not stand the sight of him.)

I tell him that a better answer to my complaint would have been,
“Yes, but who would get the coffee in the morning!” ( With all due respect to my situation of sustaining a conversation by myself, I could not snuggle up in bed and then get the warm coffee to fly into my arms. With great precision of having just “one” spoon of sugar.) Yes this situation sounds like a very twisted form of inverted domestic violence, but then again, it needs be noted this conversation was not intended to make sense. None of our conversations are,  not of late. Not sure if it be cause for celebration or for condolence. Presumably a topic for the next nonsensical conversation that would emanate in the near future.

However coming back o the zillion and three reasons he says with sudden enlightenment the third reason was “you think for me!” (This was following my provision of a second thought for “loving” me. I told him that I am able to make him laugh and cough at the same time. The weirdness of the situation due to a non ending season of being down with cough.)

Anyhow, am I “offended” at him not being able to utter the reasons?

I don’t blame the man, in all certainty for getting tongue tied in elaborating his reasons. I think he was making an honest effort at making sense out of nonsense.

Something I have realised of late is that one does not need zillion and three reasons to love someone, not even three, just that feeling of knowing you love that person. Sometimes and at most times, that feeling is sufficient for you to know things will fall in place, eventually and though all is not well, things shall be well. ( Yes I can be opitmistic)

On that note, I hung up and turned my attention on the beautiful yellow roses on my table.

Life is good, even without a zillion reasons to be loved.