Sometimes you think you have something worthwhile, but then you have not. Sometimes you think that you have found someone worthwhile, and then you are merely or immensely disappointed.

I on the other hand, am neither.
I am just plain bored!

I have always known that my span of interest was minute and that I have not had much patience of things that bore me. But then again this was faster than I imagined!

One cause of boredom seems the sheer interest he holds for playing safe, not being affected and whole indifference he seems to be carrying over his shoulders. ( slightly annoying too I must say!)

I wish for once people would be spontaneous, say how they feel and actually pronounce with articulation to be heard and felt!
Well if that was the case, this story would have had a different ending. Or would it have?

May be not! Why waste on this? I resign on the “subject”.

Hats off to Sonali, it definitely was not worth it!

Definitely not all the drama it entailed!