He was tired of all the calls that fell on his phone. Two women who called him simultaneously. He would give them both the same reply. “yes baby”, “of course baby”, “ I will call you as soon as I can baby”.

It was a pattern, that required no conscious activity of his brain. They had turned habits or reflexes. He had no sense of guilt about it. Why should he? One had been told that he had no commitment toward her, that she was a mere being of pleasure and that he was being generous with the allocation of his spare time. That should explain things, he thought. Well no, correction, he vehemently believed.

The bunch of kids who were discussing environment and saving the planet he found ridiculous. “ Be the flame, not the moth” he lectures one of the girls. She looks perplexed, and looks at another, seated in front, who explains, “ means be the attraction and not be lead to destruction due to your attraction”. The younger one still continued to have no grasp of the matter, looked blank as she did prior to explanation, and noted in her head only of a “moth” and a “flame”. He found this creature amusing, gullible, a possible prey for another time.

He tells her, “if I were still in school, I would ask you out. Not because I love you or something, just to see how it would be to date someone like you”. The other, the interpreter of “the moth and the fire” lets out a sigh.

“Will you please shut up!” she asks him.

He looks at her, offended. “Why? I was just been sincere! You know me, I don’t bullshit!”

She nods, and decides it is preferable to remain silent.

The younger one with increased interest asks “So have you done it with your girlfriend?”

“Done what?”

“You know,.. done that!” she says, giving an air of knowing of what she spoke.

He laughs, asks her “With which one?”

She seems taken aback. That was a response unexpected for her.

The moderator reacts, intervention for prevention of corruption of ignorant and “innocent” minds.

“Can you both shut up please! I am having a headache, and please talk about something you understand!”

She pays no attention with her eyes to either, merely raises her voice through mouthfuls of hoppers and katta sambol.

“ I know about it! I know Karama Sutra” the younger girl retorts.

Yes “Karma Sutra” it is, he adds with a wink at the younger girl, as he reaches for his pack of smokes.