An early morning for me today, starting with a wake up SMS. Yes life in the world has changed so much that these days people do not call others to wake them up, instead they decide they will send a good morning and an offer for a coffee over an SMS. I was grateful that I was awake at that time, which is exceptionally unusual for me.

Then again it would have been fun to have the man wait for his coffee till 11 am which is normally the time I wake up. As amusing as it may have been, I decide to stick to being a lesser bitch these days. The key work in this venture be “try to”. Yes nothing like “trying”.

Thanking God for passing the innovative knowledge of getting ATM cards and debit cards to some wealthy soul who lived in the past, (my general knowledge on these people’s names ain’t the best) I rush out of the house with wet hair trailing behind me, ignoring the glares of my mother who seems to be sensing that something was not normal in her daughter’s system this morning.

“Where are you going?”

“To work! Where else!”

She looks impressed that I had woken up early to head to office at 8 am, but looks at my shorts and wonders if her daughter was right in her mind of late. But then again was it not time that she had realised that her daughter’s mind was never right! (I pity my parents at times for putting up with a daughter as I)

Anyway, no time to answer anymore tricky questions, “Pick me at 7.30!”, I run out to where a warm hot chocolate awaits me.