It is definitely high time people stop asking me stupid questions. I have only one explanation for those who ask me these questions, they just do not have much excitement in their miserable lives so are in dire need to spice them up with a little gossip and some assumptions on people’s sexual preferences.

However this obsession about MY sexuality is a little too hard to put up with. Not that they are thought provoking, they are simply and terribly irritating and kind of driving me up the wall!

I am not sure what these creatures of curiosity ponder prior to putting out questions like,

“Who is that?”

Answer: “ A friend!”

“A special friend?” (wink and a smirk to add some dramatic effect)

I would have found it normal if they were referring to and questioning me on the specialness of a male friend with the wink, which I think the community that I am surrounded with tend to be unable to ignore, but the perplex thoughts flow in when they are asking questions on my best friend who is actually a “girl”!

As much as I feel like laughing I am to stop myself as I strive hard not to send the wrong message to the party who is ever set for interrogation. My lame reaction, try to keep a straight face and pronounce, “yes a very special friend, my best friend!”

I doubt the satisfaction my response bestows upon these souls, but well what more am I to tell these folk? Let me think of an option, may be “sorry if I cause you any disappointment, but then what can I do, I am just NOT into women! Hope you are not too heartbroken!”

I am sure they would presume that it is a denial of my sexual orientation. So keeping that in mind I refrain and stay mum.

Resolution: Greet the next person who decides to make a wise crack on lesbianism with a very memorable contact of my right hand with his/her cheek!