There are some people in the world who just know how to make you feel better by just saying something nice at the worse moments. Aruni be one of them.

I was lucky to meet her 6 months back (I think), and she has on a daily basis, (on working days) filled my life with something interesting: a quote (“grow a dick!” being the most pronounced), a situation (panic attacks, and stressful moments in abundance), something awfully eccentric but still appreciated, or some silly laughter over something we alone would deem humorous.

My blog be filled with stories that at times Aruni would wish not published, when published insist I edit so as to not look “homophobic” and then those which are not published but she fears I would eventually publish! Her provision of “spiritual” and “karmic” updates, energy and what not, I have over the months grown to admire.

Above all she would turn those cards, tell me something positive in all situations, make me believe that something good will come in the worse moments, while making sure that I would not accept anything lesser than what I deem be worth it, and “whip” me into believing that I needs must follow my heart. (even though at most moments I am confused as to what my heart does say)

I have often told her how much I like her, but I am not sure if I have told her how much I appreciate her, especially for proclaiming her willingness to read a book that I am yet to write and even if I did, most likely never manage to publish ( but it does means a lot, when the writer herself knows that it would be a tough read, and Aruni willingly embarks on the torturous venture).

So here be a small thanks to someone who has been special and has been there whenever I needed. A person whose daily presence in my life I will miss in the months to come and from whose absence my writing would suffer.

It is not the 14th of February, and flowers are a little too expensive for me to afford, but as best stated by Kishani today, I just want to say “ YOU ARE APPRECIATED!” (immensely)