Life is all about wondering these days, about things, people and stuff. Dissecting the complexities of life has become very endearing and intimidating at the same time. Thoughts on thoughts, feelings on feelings, sentiments v reason, reason v nonsense, nonsense v being plain retarded. So many questions left unanswered.

I am jobless, feelingless (apart from at rare occasions when I am with a man who I believe to be emotionless) and well due to the afore mentioned reasons frustrated, or let me rephrase “exasperated”!

Wonder where the path of happiness be, yes, Vositha’s pursuit of happiness continues. I am not sure if Will Smith’s version ends in happiness or sadness, having not had enough patience nor the time to endure it till the end. May be now be the time of enlightenment on that matter. (meaning how Will Smith’s pursuit of happiness ends)


Life is far… (well I could have added far from ending, but then I prefer to reserve and refrain from that addition when I do not have the slightest clue about what “life” is at this very moment.)

Sometimes you live, but do not feel living, sometimes you are dead and still you are living. Yes I am not making any sense to most of you, just a thought about some people of whom I have reminiscences, who seem to have the capacity to haunt others from their grave. (there needs be a correction to this expression, as today most people are not buried, then again who cares!) Was reminded of this creepy possibility by my coffee companion yesterday (by the way I am getting immensely tired of “coffee” maybe time to look into others forms of beverages other than “coffee” and figure out whether it will be the same companion in front of me, nevertheless, that be another point of post) when he told me on my suggestion that he take the apple pie for his “mum” ( I was not being rude, merely trying to be sweet to a woman I have not had the pleasure of meeting, and most likely would not in my whole life meet, regardless of that fact, the story continues) and he adds, “If something happens to that woman she would…blah blah blah”

My ungrateful brain which starts to work on its own, when logical analysis be not necessary, starts demanding, on her ability on doing anything to him when she be dead! Then realise that there were exceptions to the rule, if “his” mum was anything like “my” mum, who constantly reminds me that she would haunt me after her death I think I can comprehend his fear to take her any “apple pie”! He decides to take it for his dad instead, who I think would not “haunt” him if anything happens to him, and who he thinks is a “cool dude”. (maybe be he might not mind his dad haunting him)

Anyways coming back to haunting from the grave, scary thought I should say it is, especially given the fact that my mum always keep her word, mostly when it comes to matters of this kind, (I mean creepy ones) where her breaking of word be highly desirable than its upholding!

Anyways, spending a day at home, idling and listening to parents bickering is not that bad after all. Just that the heat is killing me with awful headaches. Yes “climate change” has a role to play in life, whether by choice or coercion. Either way, I be entangled in it.

Yes Vositha shall not stop complaining for the day or for the next few weeks to come, unless and till she makes up her mind on what it be her objective of life.

Possibly to haunt others with her retarded-ness? Well that be a point worth pondering over! Why did not “she” think of such before?

Let “She” go and contemplate on the matter henceforth till her next urge to rant on what be nonsensical, useless, worthless and wasteful of time.

Adios Amigos!