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I have not typed in anything for a while (or so I think). May be I lacked inspiration or just had too much in my head which I could not put on paper or well screen in this case as it rushed out in torrents at a speed that I could not fathom to type out vividly. But then I need to keep alive, appreciate what be happy as well as what be tormenting.

So yes, I am finally off that relationship phobia and am grateful for your patience. Putting up with weird moods and sudden changes of mind seem to have become inevitable, but you seem to have braved it well. And are still around, forever laughing at my weirdness and the retarded behaviour. And why do I love you? Well I think I know why for a change, and I am glad I do!

Guess you are a keeper after all ,despite your freak status, and yes I am very happy and am not scared to say it (touchwood) You are a retard, but guess you are “my” retard! (very cheesy I know, then again, in a pleasant way)

So I head to sleep with a smile, thinking of good things of “us”. (yes I agree, I do think do much, but then I can’t help it! So deal with it!)