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Edgar’s question yesterday, on how Aruni was doing, surprised me in a pleasant way. I was surprised he knew her, and then, wondered how he did. His answer was even more surprising, as he mentioned that he knew her through my posts and that he felt he knew her though having never met her in person. It made me realise that my daily source of blogging was missing, and that I had not met her in a while. I would have met her last night, had it not been for a boyfriend who was sick, and was a little too shy to meet her for some unknown reason. Then again even if I were to meet her, it would not have been the same, I would not have heard any memorable quotes which I normally hear from her on sunny moments, at 12 am in the company of many others who would be drunk at that point of day in front of Amuseum with more hopes of getting wasted.
So yes, making the intro short, bottom line being that I finally got to meet ARUNI again. Or let me rephrase THE Aruni. An Aruni, in a red dress with the inner fold of her collar sticking out, and the back zip yet to be pulled up, and hair possibly wet from a shower,(later to be confirmed not have been close to water in possibly three days) and eyes which were half shut presumably due to lack of sleep (then later to be revealed from day time sleep) opens the door for me. On seeing her only one thought crossed my mind, despite the fact that I had to stand at her doorstep for a good 10 minutes (till she located the keys of the house which I knew was the reason for delay knowing how adorable she could be in performing such tasks) it was that I loved this being! No, not in the twisted and perverted ways that you might feel, more like the way I love my sister. There was some bond that I always could not comprehend, and will remain I am sure though we be zillion miles away from each other.

Sure as hell it was great to be chatting with her again, despite the hangover. Stories of people vomiting in cars, and paying extra two thousand rupees for the cab could only be heard in that tone only from her. I had dearly missed these animations. I kind of realised why my blogging was not that frequent. “Suck my dick”, “throwing his dick around”, “ grow a dick” well some of those memorable quotes I missed during the last few weeks. Life seemed back to normal.

Conversations on parents who were suffocating me with emotions, and then alienation and the lack of belonging, relationships that be sexless, of sexlessness in general, or relationshiplessness, well all that and a little tipsyness, flowed in with ease, which did not bring rouge to the cheeks or uncomfortableness. Somethings could be discussed only with “some” people. And with Aruni, I think one could shift from nationalism to the horrendous prices of saris in one second. A talent only very few people I know possessed.

A screwed up diet messed up by cheese and kottu, with great pleasure and no complains! (Sometimes you do things you know you should regret without any regret.) Life after work, and school ahead, and why hair should not be washed as often as I wash it, and other theories on when and when not to have showers which I shall not proceed to elaborate on this post.

Life was back to normal for a little while, with the lashing out of frustration, and my lost existence. I felt at home in that apartment with her, despite my very lost soul. She did not understand my indecisiveness on life, just understood that I had no clue about life, she did not understand what I called a relationship, but then neither did I.

Guess we had an understanding on not understanding what I needed to be understanding and will not be understanding any time soon!

We had reached a consensus on ME! And this time without a table covered with tarot cards.