A start to another very long Sunday. I know many of us wait for the arrival of weekends to which I remain an exception. At 8 am I am super sleepy and wish the only thing that I had to do in life was to sleep.

It is definitely funny how I, a person who never manages to wake up at 5 am to head out on a journey planned for myself, would wake up sharp at 4.59 am without any alarm in place to wish someone else a safe journey! As one would say, I have been completely domesticated. Adi being one of them told me yesterday, “welcome to my world, and it sucks!” As usual on a first perception, I found it to be funny, but then again, now with eyelids that stubbornly refuse to stay open, I hit epiphany for this Sunday.

Which being: I do love him, but not as much as I love my sleep! And yes, I hate weekends, nah correction, I loath them! Definitely no more working weekends for me! They suck! No correction again! They SUPER suck!