It’s been a week full of interesting things and me going insomniac and manic. Love found, love lost and trust found and trust lost. Life is full of paradoxes and most of which I have discovered and rediscovered over the last few days.

Confusions and more confusions, and disappointment and letting go, welcomes and good byes. Few things among many that I have chosen to endure and endured, forced to endure and learnt from.

Life is funny.
Despite all the shit it teaches us that there is still hope, things to look forward to and that what happens is just a momentous thing and then we overcome its grief or disappointment and move on. We are the masters of our mind as Invicutus puts it. It’s just a decision made by us to move on, forgive and then forget for all the pain caused, all the lies told and all the heartache that we suffered.
Life is hope.
It makes us see that silver lining which highlights every dark cloud. It teaches to look for a sunnier day and  most of all that  we are much stronger than we ever thought we were. Put ourselves to the test and then we realise that we are like the phoenix who riseS from the ashes in its more beautiful and inspiring form. We strive to be that, we become that. We are the light that comes out of the tunnel yet keeps shining for those who are in the darkness within it to find their way out from it.
Life is Contentment.
Looking around you realise those who are happy are those who are satisfied yet strive for perfection. We come across hurdles in life and still we overcome them. We suffer the hardest yet manage to smile through them. We are just content with who we are though we are not the richest nor the most luckiest. We are simply glad being who we are!
A few things that I have learnt and helped me keep my sanity:

Love happens, and when it does, we are the happiest . When it’s lost we linger in those loathed memories trying to hold on to something we die to cherish! But it’s all about moving on, trusting one’s self and learning to trust once again.

I have learnt through all that suffering that the time is right to move on, and for a change, trust in someone . And I am glad that it is your hand I hold..