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I love hanging out in coffee houses and being left alone. Life seems very calm at those moments. Having discussed rights of minorities, specifically of those that be gender based at Coco Veranda where I desperately wanted to eat a piece of chocolate cake, namely “ death by chocolate” which would have had literal consequence of the name tag on me, I settle for a garden salad at Odel which resembles rabbit food to my very frustrated state.

I have been on this eat healthy mode for the last two weeks and it has taught me a great deal of discipline , with occasional entailing of mood swings and getting pissed with a boyfriend who thought it would be fun to crack jokes on how much I can NOT eat. Having not much sugar in the system and then being pointed out that there be only one or two options in the whole menu that I can consume is not a funny thing, at least not for the one who is at the butt end of the joke. Then again, one needs to live it to comprehend it! So I do not blame those who lack comprehension of my situation and crack dumb jokes on it. They are merely harmless and shall have karmic effects of their jokes befalling them eventually. (Not a wish, just a statement I thought would be cool to those who believe in Karma.)

Getting back to the point on loving coffee shops, I do love them. When I am alone in them and typing away randomness while observing all those people who come and go, make out or break up, or just give me occasional weird glances.

Life is interesting when I am alone, and on alert, observing.