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It’s funny how the craziest days make you realise the smallest things in life. After having spent a whole day at the visa office, and then screaming my head off at a million people (which is after years of not yelling at anyone) I realise that I feel completely happy to be in his arms.

Despite the never ending rants of his, (while I sniff on that familiar smell of his shirt), in between his complains that I am not paying attention to what he says ( though I am actually paying attention to it. My eyes being shut does not amount to me not paying attention, I actually did grasp what he was saying, though it was about swimming, martial arts and things that will happen 6 months ahead, which is a little far ahead for me, but still I was paying attention), I realize I love him.

It hit me that sometimes you do not feel certain things till one feels the contrast of emotions. The frustrations of the day and then the ease I feel with my head on his shoulder.
He tells me to text him when I land, and to send him the local number, I tell him that I will be online most of the time..

A few hours more before I head out, but I kinda miss him already.

May be it is a good thing after all, missing someone, for a change…