After all the struggle and wasted energy I manage to get hold of visa to get myself packed off to Bangkok. All the screaming and the increase in blood pressure, does not fortunately make me end up with a heart attack, nor end up an assassin, though the thought of throttling a few people did cross my mind in a very frequent manner. Well here I am in the Bandaranayake airport, not having slept a wink, awaiting a flight that was to leave at 7.20 am yet has been postponed till 9.30 am! Surprise! Surprise!

I am literally kicking myself for not having taken the 6.30 am flight which would have made my life way more simpler. I get on the escalator, to head back upstairs where the generous Sri Lankan authorities seem to have enabled wifi, and also at least seats, for people like me to suffer in silence. (mind you I am super tired after the screaming marathon from yesterday)

I hear a voice go “Miss Vositha!” to see a former student of mine all osari clad with a file in hand. it was a pleasant surprise to see her, even at 5 am in the morning, and a better surprise to realise she still remembers me. I guess sometimes you leave a mark on people, be it good or bad, they actually remember you, and your name! (mine being as weird as it can get and difficult to retain)

I chat with her for a few minutes, she tells me she is doing a survey for the tourist board, and I remember a name of another student, suddenly remembering that he works for the same authority. It’s a very small world I guess. You crash into someone, everywhere, and there is a great possibility that you would crash into the same person a few years later. The tough one being to remember names though, I am very bad with names! Ok make it horrible!

Anyways, having nothing much to do, I am seated in front of the kids play area where two kids in multi coloured outfits make the best of their occupancy of the play house, as no other kids seem to be interested in “playing” at this ungodly hour..

Oh yea, before I forget, the airport is all about people who are heading to Mumbai to see the final of the cricket world cup. I think mum was correct after all, though I told her she was stupid when she told me that the airport would be crowded thanks to the diehard cricket fans.

Apart from being heavily sleep deprived and demented, I seem to have become colour blind of late as well, as I suddenly notice that the pair of socks that I deemed to be black have three ugly blue stripes making me look like a nerd from the 70s with shorts and horrendous and ill matched socks!

Sigh! Tthis is not at all my day, or rather shall I say, my season?