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So here I am, at another opening ceremony of the UNFCCC. Though I have been following the negotiations for a while, I have never been able to attend one of these, where people welcome those who come in  to negotiate the others’ future (that being, the general public, who does not have much of a say in the negotiations which are pregnant with policies and political agendas)

For the last two days, I have met people who felt sorry for me every time I stated that I am from Sri Lanka, undoubtedly their thoughts running to the World Cup Cricket. I tell them that it is quite okay, and that we must be the only nation around which offers standing ovations to the winners in our local pubs despite having lost the nail biting final.

Well keeping aside the cricket fever, now time to move into some “proper” negotiations. It seems that we are to expect “fireworks” in the KP plenary as well as the AWG-LCA. Fingers crossed for what ever they may be!

I sign off for the moment with the hope of being able to locate the official delegation of Sri Lanka!