I am signing off from tech life for a while. My phone will not be on and nor am I going to be connected to the world through that open door to all forms of confusions called Facebook. I am not sure what I will be missing, but then I suppose my search for peace of mind be more important than the rubbish that might float in through all these modes.

But before I sign off for the new year, I have a promise that needs to be fulfilled, to someone who has been there with me for a while, specially through those terrible moments of my life, where I would rant and she would think that I am high on something. So this is for her, for being there for me, when I not be the most bearable person, and putting up with all the pathetic stories on men, who have been in my life, who might have been in my life, and mostly who should not have been in my life.

Here goes the next blog post, just for an insane friend, with whom I have once a year dispute, and who never considers even momentarily before she pulls all her savings out to put into my hands to facilitate some crazy adventure I have set my mind to embark on.

So for once, here is what you would wish I would write, and hope you enjoy it.

Hugs, and happy new year to the most weirdest best friend in the planet!