What does one have to do to earn a little peace of mind in the new year? Well guess they go ahead and break up with their boyfriends. That would be one solution for getting some peace of mind I presume. Specially if you are in a relationship where you meet up for coffee to talk about others, and then laugh about idiocy, then to head home and talk about meeting up again next week for coffee again.

Sometimes people make me wonder why they call certain things “relationships” may be cz it makes things sound better than stating the obvious, which being “ I am wasting your time, and passing mine in the process with some free making out sessions”.

So what do you do to get some peace of mind in the coming new year? Not that hard to geuss is it? Go ahead and call it quits!

Oh wait, make sure it is done at the auspices time 🙂 will bring you good luck in not having to date bozzos of the kind you are getting rid of in the coming year!