Today seems to be a day on my laptop. The blog posts might come in at the most random moments. Getting out of bed before 7am seems to have that effect on me. Then again, these days thanks to reverse insomnia (which I think is a possible medical condition) I tend to wake up early in the morning around 2 am and then keep my useless and unproductive self in bed till I wishfully doze off again around 5 am. Yep, not the most envied life to be living.

Teo tells me in his morning mail that he has had only 3 hours of sleep and that his face looks like a cross between one, that would be licked by a puppy near the super market of a 59 year old woman’s who is having a bad day. For some reason, I am most certain the cross between the two would not have caused any negative effects. His face seems cute enough to put up with any bad humour for some reason. Funny that some people look good even in their worse moments. Lucky them. On another thought, he seems to like dogs, something I desire of late with dog haters in abundance around me. Yeah, in a land of cat lovers, I feel isolated. Nothing against you cats, just that sometimes, a cute thing that wags its tail is more desirable than a ball of fur that raises its fur to the edge of possibility on seeing me.

I think cats hate me. Harshu’s ginger cat seems to think he/she is above my acquaintance, preferring to give me a look of “who the hell are you?” every time I walk into that house and prancing around with that silent communication “you are not worthy of being allowed to touch me”. Harshu seems to love the cat though, or cats rather. I prefer his “i just got off a fight” cat. He constantly has one eye which is scratched off, and gives me this “ain’t I hot?” look. Guess I always had a thing for bad boys. (No I do have anything for cats! Yes I AM sure of it!)

“Are you going somewhere?”sister dearest interrupts my chain of thoughts on cats. I am not quite sure if I am required to answer this question as she is just out of bed and seems to be still walking in her sleep. Since her walk from her room to mine, and sleeping in my bed at 9 am till noon. Doubtful if she sleep walks or if she prefers my bed to hers. I think I just found a guinea pig for my nest lab research on sleep walking.

I tell mum that sister dearest probably is sleep walking, to be answered “well it will be good if she just sleep walks, rather than hearing she throttled someone’s neck in her sleep”

I consider mum’s statement for a moment, and realise, that it would not be a possibility. My sister would have less probability of squeezing someone’s neck in my household. As for me? Well that would be a tale to be told on a different blog post. But for conclusion sake, let me just say, I am pretty sure around whose neck I would be wrapping my fingers if I were ever to sleep walk, or sleep walk while being prone to turn on my violent switch.

Boohahaha! (yes I know it is day time, but then who cares?)