I never realised that I always end up going to functions by myself till my sister asked me yesterday “who’s your plus one?” For some reason, whether I be single or in a relationship, my attendance was always a representation of myself, quite unlikely to be shared with another, with whom I might not end up sharing the moment, rather on the contrary would end up adding it to a list of baggage that needs to be thrown out at the end of a relationship or a chain of dates.

Yes, so the question, do I make a change for tomorrow or not? I do have an invitation which allocates another the participation… Naah!

I tell her “you!” and I am sure it sounded as if “what the hell you asking? Do you even need to question if it’s you?”
She goes “ah!” and then smiles, and trots into her room in her Vishakha Wijenayake style (people who know her know what I mean. Those who don’t, well you need to meet her to see her action, inaction, or her walking in “i am constantly high on something” style)

That was not tough, I mean I did not even have to think. It was as easy as ticking a questionnaire 🙂