It has been a while since I wrote anything that made sense. May be because lot of things do not make sense. But I like things with sense. I try locating the sense out of absurdity. Sometimes absurdity to one is sense to me. A lot of sense it is actually. Surprised? Don’t be. I am absurd, have a weird sense of humour (or none at all according to some) and like chocolates a lot, but never get to eat much anymore thanks to my newly found ill health!

So yes, sense is sometimes nonsense, and no sense, is good I presume. For some, at times, and may be occasionally, in small doses, or rarely, as they come, I am not very decided on this one!

I was talking to someone a few days back, and pointed out that I need to see sense in what was happening around me. He did not understand. He wanted to know if there needed be sense in everything that we do. (not surprised given the fact that I could not make much sense out of lot of things that he and I do, then again..)

Well if you ask me, it is always safe when you can see why you do something when you do that something. The reasonless activity that I have an inclination to pursue at many a time, kinda creeps me out of late. Guess we all move on from our senseless, spontaneous behaviour to getting freaked out by others who have the tendency to behave the same way that we do. I mean the moments of spontaneity which would have not made any sense to a cautious human being made me gain the best results in life. Then again, I am getting old, and I like to play less with fire ( I am very phobic of fire, my mum has the great honour of creeping me out, when I was small. She freaked me so much that I still have not lighted a single match since I was 4 years old. Being an expert at lighting matches at the age of 4, and making an exhibition of one’s expertise at that tender age, to that spectator called “mum” can give one a lifelong phobia IF your mum is as twisted as mine)

So yes, sense! Sense is what I need right now, to get my mind off blogging posts on sense, and heading to read law on evidence. It is another vicious cycle of law exams. Having postponed my exams for far too long, never realised it had the capacity to bite me in the ass with a very painful consequence. Will try to protect my ass from such torture and give into mental torture that stretches out for 2 months. Yes, they do not make you love law, they test your patience, they make you want to kill yourself and then make you go broke for a longer time, when you are a poor apprentice under some renowned lawyer or a junior for some other bigger named lawyer.

So yes, if this is meant to make any sense, I am sure I should just throw my law book aside and start being a house maid. If I do not kill someone with my wonderful cooking, I am sure I will manage to make a living out of it.

Things I have to do in life! (And she lets out a sigh of frustration)