Here I am once again at barefoot with my beloved friend who looks at a lesbian couple and tells me “wonder how they do it!”

Well she seemed to be full of questions today. And the expressions she put forth on my boyfriend’s arrival made me wonder for a minute whether I should be offended or not. Then again she was being herself, and she later told me that she was trying to make him feel at home, and that she was simply treating him like she used back in the good old university days. I was thankful that I did not hang out with the two of them during that golden era.

Anyways coming back to her question, I have to admit that I was quite entertained by it. the best option of response that occurred was to gain some more entertainment. Hence the answer, “why don’t you should ask him when he gets back?” which of course she did.

“How do you think they do it?”

Not needed to say that he was pretty much clueless, as to what she was asking him. It was quite hilarious and I made a mental note to myself, that I should ensure that these two people hang out together more often. With that though I wrapped my arm around his waist. (a gesture that made me feel good, may be it assured me that he was there in person) It felt good to be near him, though he was being attacked by my friends cynicism and weird questions.
On his arrival, she wanted to know how his face changed so dramatically, and why he likes about his girlfriend, (that is me of course).

His response? “Her boobs!”

For all its worth, the response was not heard by my friend, who leaped onto ask me the same question. I was not sure what the best answer would have been to that question, so I picked silence instead.

I tell my friend who was still looking at the two good looking women, “ it does not matter, what others’ think, as long as you are happy with that person.” Wisdom accumulated of late. Weird expression to come out of my mouth, but then again I surprise myself with my own marvelous statements these days.

Following another dose of cynicism Man has to leave. My friend provides the grand farewell in Sinhala slang and ask him to simply get lost without being a pain in the ass. (which annoyed me, more than I think it annoyed him. He takes statements as such with much more good spirit than an easily offended person as I do)

I watched him walk away, while my friend apologised for being rude to him, which was not intentional, but was out of sheer intimidation in seeing him after years. I was baffled as to what element of his presence would cause intimidation upon her. But then again, recent past has taught me that some things were never meant to be understood.

The only sane thing that crossed my mind at that moment was to run after the man who had just left, and to catch him before he drove off, which I did. It felt good to give him an extra kiss despite the glares of the security guard and other people in the parking lot.

At that moment I knew why I loved him, and it was something I did not have to explain to others or put into words. It was just a feeling, and I think it had something to do with that way he made me feel inside, and the stupidest grin that fell on my face every time I saw him or he crossed my mind. It needed no tag, and needs no tag, it was worth knowing that he was worth it.