Another oil spill! And this time it has nothing to do with the oil spills of which we have been hearing over the year. This time they speak of the South coast of Sri Lanka. And here goes the story, as per gathered by the newspaper articles.
On 17th May 2011, reported of the launch of an investigation into the discovery of suspected oil floating on the seas off Galle. It claimed that the oil has spread to an area of 4km and that it “is said to contain three layers” . The source of the suspected oil spill was claimed yet to be identified.

The Director of the Coast Conservation Department Anil Premaratne was quoted saying that “tests are now being carried out on the suspected oil spill and once tests are concluded a determination can be reached if the oil had leaks from a ship or any other source or if it was any other substance which looks like oil.”

On the same day, reports of denial of such oil spill is found on the daily mirror web, according to which , the story goes “The Marine Pollution Prevention Authority (MPPA) said that immediate tests carried out on sea-water samples from areas in Galle where black patches appeared indicate that it is not caused by an oil spill.” The black patches suspected of an oil spill are claimed to be a result of “ the surfacing of a microscopic marine organism such as planktons.”

question of the day: So what do we go with? Spill or NO spill? Are the tests conclusive evidence to there being no spill as claimed?

(If anyone is more informed on the matter, please comment.)