So there is Sonali. My best friend, my confidante, the one I turn to when I am broke. So in short, the person I kind of have access to 24/7 and the only person for whom I tend to be available 24/7. (apart from my sister, but then my sister is barely in need of attention, she prefers to be left alone 24/7, so yes)

Anyways here is her latest venture, (I mean Sonali’s): Making a speech. With all her talent and speaking skills, she decides she is going to make a joke of herself (which for a fact I know she would not) and decides to send me her speech to check it out.

She speaks of a man who is Mr. Perfect, who will quote Shakespeare, who will talk in words I do not understand over dinner (and be actually able to spell those words uttered), and then who would climb a tree and pluck a mango for her. (I have had this conversation with her a million times, where I could understand the first two elements, but not the last one. I don’t think I have dated any man who would pluck a mango for me, well rather not even a man who could climb a tree to save his life)

Anyhow those are her requisites. And she does have logical backing up for all three elements, and I am amazed by her rationality achieved through irrationality. (AMAZED)

On having read the speech myself, I decided to forward it to my dearest boyfriend, who comes to the conclusion that he is NOT the perfect man for her.

And then adds, “by the way, I am rooting for Sonali” and goes on with his chant. “Soh-Nah-Lih! Soh-Nah- Lih!” (and goes on to add “that is how cheerleaders would chant it” to which I respond with “I see!”)

I suggest that he would make a very good looking cheerleader in a mini skirt and he says that he will go shave his legs.

While he goes on how I am to inform my fried that he is all supportive of her, and how he is willing to shave his legs if she be in need of a cheer leader, I start to wonder what I would want my perfect man to be.

The conclusion was the easiest ever reached and had ONE requisite.

“A man with shaven legs!” 😛