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Twitter informs me that the on arrival visa facility that Sri Lanka was famous of will be soon scrapped off. From August onwards those who wish to come to Lanka land need visa. Yes you do!

What do I think of it? Well call me vicious, but I think it was long due. Every time I am standing in a queue trying to get my visa papers sorted I wonder why Sri Lankan immigration was being ever too nice when the other countries are all giving us shit. Well I mean I am happy that Sri Lanka is nice about it, but then again, the mere fact the other countries look upon us like retards who are waiting to hop into their country for good, on being given the chance to step in pisses me off! ( then again, our folk are also responsible for such assumptions, doing exactly what is assumed of them, and then causing difficulties for those unlike them! Sigh, of late I have come to realise that the world is full of idiots, and me filling in on that list as well on a random basis)

Anyhow the last few travels to Thailand and India, and my experience being stuck in the Thai Embassy till end of day taking shit from the visa officers thanks to a stupid travel agent who had messed up my visa forms, followed by the new Indian visa regulations which required me to apply for another entry visa while in Bhutan has made me realize that one should never give away something too easily when you are being deprived of it.

So the conclusion for the day: If they give you shit, do give them shit! (damn I am turning a super ass bitch, and seem to be getting quite good at it)

Anyhow on a different note, have a happy day folks, and for those who were awaiting with great anticipation the victory parades, my wish does not seem to be of any help! I sorry for you all, but it does seem like it is going to rain! Yea RAIN! (another parade haunted by rain, is it just me, or does not the weather seem to like these parades ah?)

The stance on the visas seems to have changed since I posted this. Hence the quotes from morning, and then the latest, so that one reading may form their own opinion on the matter!

Morning quote from


“Sri Lanka on Thursday withdrew the on-arrival free visa facility for Indian tourists. It means that Indians planning a trip to Sri Lanka after August should apply for their visas online for a fee or visit Lankan missions with an application. The new system will be implemented within 80 days, WA Chulananda Perera, Immigration and Emigration Controller General, told the Hindustan Times.

Besides Indian tourists, visitors from 78 other countries will be impacted by the decision.

“Only tourists from Singapore and Maldives, countries which gives on-arrival visas to Lankans, will continue to get the reciprocal facility,’’ Perera added.”

The afternoon quote from http://www.adaderana.lk/news.php?nid=13412

“Foreign media reports stating that Sri Lanka had scrapped the on-arrival visa system for Indian tourists entering the country were denied by the Immigration and Emigration Controller General, WA Chulananda Perera who stated that he had been misquoted.

Speaking to Ada Derana today (May 27) Mr. Perera said that he had made no statement to the Indian Newspaper regarding Indian on-arrival visas and had only spoken about the new online electronic visa system to be implemented by Sri Lanka.”

So what do you make out of this? That on implementing the online visa system, the on arrival visa facility expires? (at least that is what I seem to gather from it)