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He always came into her life at random moments. She had no say in it, and she did not particularly want to have any say in it either. Life was such and she let the life continue in its own course.

It was a full circle and a vicious cycle. The being friends while she yearned for closure, the stupid chats that popup at unexpected moments, or crashing into each other when least expected just added to that nostalgic effect.

I do not want to mess around with you again!” She says.

Oh you have become serious all of a sudden!”

Always was.” she adds.

He does not respond.

It’s funny how little things have changed over the years, the same conversation and the same feelings.

So you feeling any better?” she asks.

Yes, thank you for checking on me!”

No fuss, I am pathologically like that” she says.

That’s a good thing

Not sure if it is, in this case

Want me to teach you Civil Procedure Code in a nutshell?”

Sure why not?”

Yes, nothing had changed…