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I was pissed off with my mum (nothing unusual just the ordinary status). My parents have this awful habit of getting a little too excited every time I start dating someone and start thinking marriage or ask me if I intend to marry. Well at times, I do not know, cause I am not sure myself, on what I want to do. ( though this time be an exception)

Anyhow, all worked up about my mum’s random comment I was on a mission to move out, when this kid who comes over to hang out with me, was like trying to reason out with me, by pointing out how wonderful my room is! (hell no! It looks like a dump. Partially due to my fault, still..) and then started to highlight how lucky I was to have my parents. And (behold!!!)starts to tear up and cry.

I was like, “what the hell is wrong with you?” To which she responded saying “have your parents ever hit you with a belt?”

For me that was the stupidest thing anyone could have ever asked me, so I gave her my “ are you off your mind” look.

“See they are nice, mine do”

I was like “what the fuck!!” Who in their proper senses would beat their kids with belts. What kind of barbaric acts do these people indulge in. She went on to elaborate that when she was around 11 years old, her dad beat her with a belt cause she swore.

I wanted to know what her mother did. Her response was “nothing”

I knew the kid had issues with her parents, but assumed it was something to do with her being in her teens.

Funny how the parents get off from posh looking cars, and act all sweet and loving, and one never wonders what goes in their stupid households.

Wonder how many kids in Colombo 7 get beaten up by their parents with belts, or worse! Quite something I am sure that people would think is normal, since most of the population believe that kids are parents property to do, as they please with them. Inclusive of beating them up with belts of course. (bloody assholes, how can you do that to their own kids!!)

I wonder when people would start believing it is high time for some measures on violence against children…