It’s been months that I have tried, and failed miserably. I am sick and tired of thinking that things will get better. Because I have realised that it’s the reality that is in front of me. And no, things aren’t destined to get better. They just don’t.

You have not changed, despite how much the foolish I wanted to believe it would be the case. Yes, history repeats itself, and I find myself feeling an utter fool, all over again.

Being irritated sucks. Specially if one is clueless as to what the cause is. I wonder to myself, if it is me, or you. Or may be both of us.

Patience has its limit. Yours and mine both. I guess mine ran out first. Well, it lasted for a while. I am proud of it. Longer than I thought it would. May be longer than you thought it would too. ( something to be proud of? May be..not sure)

Here I am back in that emptiness. The feeling of having made the same blunder, the same old feeling, the same old stuff. Yea the “stuff”, your favourite ending to a sentence.

You say the food was tasty, and that there was enough salt. I am grateful that I was not anywhere near you, I am sure I would have throttled you with my bare hands! If I wanted the taste of salt to be analysed, I would have got the good delivered to my dad, he is the expert at it. His comments on food for the last 25 years resonate in my ears. They were always on the amount of salt. I am tired of salt, and the comments on salt. May be I am tired of other things too…

I wonder how oblivious one can be, you just proved that my wildest dreams to be beneath your capacities.

Who knows, maybe you are a miracle come true.

On the levels of obliviousness of course, sadly nothing else!