I wear his T-shirt after a long time. It had got caught in my cloths while I was packing. Packing in a rush that is. Being a while since my eyes fell upon it, or fingers came across it. Nothing too sentimental about it, but a comfort of that washed material rubbing against my skin.
It was huge, even on a slightly overweight me. Guess he picked an XL just in his oblivious choices. Wrong picks kind of summed up everything in his life.

Been a while..it has been a while.

I was glad for the past that I have not to live, and the present I am living. It reminds me that people make the biggest mistakes and the worse choices, he being the bad choice and I being the maker of decisions.

I am glad for once…glad not to be in compete depression or frustration. Man makes sure I am happy, and of late I realise a life without constant fights is quite peaceful and easy to live than the inversion of it.

In short, I am glad that I found him, and I am glad that all is left of the other him, is a worn off t-shirt, which unlike him is quite soft, without any rough ages, and of quite good quality.