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Time ran out at mid night on my 28th b’day. It’s the first of many days to come. I am hopeful and will embrace life as it comes. Life is about me, and not about what others do who surround me. Experiences are earned, and will help me guide the way, not to trip and fall again, and again, and again.

A life can start from nowhere and lead to nowhere, but it will bring a shine out wherever it may lead, and affect others even the slightest way. I will strive to find that shine, or the light at the end of the tunnel, if there be such light.

Darkness is good. It helps us find the light, our lost self from within, and the deepest thoughts of our being. But one does reach out to the light, and find one’s way back, even though through the meekest rays of light.

Life is commenced alone, and ended alone, in moments of life we meet people who leave an impact, but it’ remains upto us to weigh and measure what we retract, from each one of us, and from within us.

Love is good, even if lost, and does not last. One has not faulted, but only learned a lesson. To move on, and build one’s life, where one is needed, and accepted, and embraced and not rejected.

Welcome new life! May you grow with us, and lead to a better day πŸ˜‰