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Yesterday someone pointed out to me that I had skipped a day. Honestly I have no clue what happened to the day. I do recall that the day was lived, but I think I am losing my mind in small doses and I keep falling into oblivion before I would really grasp back little what is left of it.

A long day of work with too little sleep and then a law paper to forcefully wake me up. I meet someone I used to know, minus the wedding band. He reminds me that I am a psycho nut job, and I realise I do not have the energy to retort. I am at the handicapped international conference, so maybe I fit in perfectly. I apparently form part of the world, that needs rehabilitation, don’t we all on different levels on different times of our lives.

I think of the last few months, and I think of hope and change. change is good as long as it is for the good. Even if it is not, we still do survive. The next few months will be endured, tough but yet lived through. And the next few months hopefully will bring hope, that change is possible, and this time it better be for the better..