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It was a beautiful wedding. She thought as she went through their wedding photos. He and she were both smiling, and he looked the self she fell in love with, minus the beard. She has her motherly look on him, the one she used to have when he was up to mischief, or was acting cute. She wondered how things could go so wrong, and yet things could look so beautiful on photos.
She remembered him pulling out all the pins in her hair, in her sari, and helping her out of the jacket. He had been helpful and caring. Though they had slept in their side of the bed, she staying awake while he had fallen asleep fast.

Life had changed fast, for the best at times and for the worse at others. From either side of the bed, they had merged to hug each other to sleep, and huddle against each other in their sleep and for him to forcibly be woken up from his sleep from her kisses, while he childishly tried to escape from them not yet awaken and half in his sleep. She liked their mornings, where she tried to get him out of bed, while he crawled back on and slept letting her bug him for another two or three hours.

Moments of the past linger, while their baby moved within her soon awaiting his entrance to sunshine. She wondered if his dad would ever see him, whether he felt anything for his son. All she knew was that she would have to learn to live with and without his memories, as time moves on, and hopefully till she has moves on for her sake and her son’s.