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I know not when my baby will be born, as he seems to have a mind of his own even in the womb, kicking as he pleases, hiding his actions and having his own moods. I guess I will have my hands full with the little one, and I know that life will be complete with him to spoil and to bring up. Before I rush off to labor, (since I have already been in and out of hospital due to few complications) this is just a small note of thank you for all those who have been there for me and not made me feel alone through all the ups and downs of my roller coaster of emotions, and life’s unexpected.

So thank you to all who were and are still there for me, to cheer me up, and to make me laugh and remind me to be strong. Thank you to all those who reminded me that the baby will be special, that he will change my life, and that it would be only for the best.

Thank you for the calls from afar, but deemed I mattered, and that my yet to be born thus mattered. Thank you for the blessings you have sent, the prayers in which you have kept us, and the words of encouragement given at times I was feeling suicidal. Thank you for making me feel special, and for all the stories you reminded me of the past years of me, and my life that kept me stronger for both our sake.

And thank you for carrying those baby products in buses, being thought pregnant while you were 19yrs old, simply cz you were carrying nappies and baby care! Thank you for the baby lists given by those who are experienced, a cot dropped off at my place for the little one, food carried in buses in rush hours to my door step, all the ice cream made and brought for me, books sent to me through post, and all the doctor’s visits you have volunteered to be there with me to make me feel less miserable when surround by couples awaiting their kids.

Thank you mostly for reminding me that life is just beginning and that I am loved, and cared for. And that my kid will be the same, by not just one parent or family, but a lot of people who will be there for him, and who will watch him grow to be a good person who will make me and all his uncles and aunties proud.

So thank you! You guys are the best 🙂