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For most of us here, the name might not be too familiar. But her name did pop up on news today, to mention that Isreali court ruled that her death was an accident. The family were seen at the press conference, elaborating their stance on the judgement.

But how did she die? Who is she? And why am I writing this, having never heard of her till her death?

Corrie an American, was a member of the International Solidarity Movement and was working in the Gaza strip where she died while attempting to stop the demolition of a Palestinian home. Witness reports state that she was caught under the bulldozer in heading to demolish the house, while others state that she died of the debris that fell on her. She died March 16th, 2003 at the age of 23.

I would not question the happenings nor would I proceed to analyse the legal process. But what I would think of is the courage of a young woman to stand up for what she believes to be true. On hearing her story a few years back, when I came into the world of volunteers and humanitarian workers, what I always thought was what would have crossed her mind as she watched the bulldozer coming towards her. Being a human shield to protect a Palestinian house that was about to be demolished, was a courageous thing to do. But did she honestly believe in her wildest dreams that the man would stop upon seeing her? In a mind of a humanitarian worker, the life of a person would be given priority, while in the perception of a demolition worker, it would be in a different order.

Sometimes we fight for a cause we honestly believe in and then fail at it. But we are remembered nevertheless for the courage and the bravery of the being, and the humane aspect of it. So Rachel seems to have played her part in highlighting what she believes in. Some may admire her, while others would deem her stupid. But whatever it may be the opinion on her, that one may hold, I believe that only a few people would be strong enough to show what they really believe to matter, and be part of a movement that fights for such cause.

As for me, she will always be seen as a young woman who was brave enough to fight for what she thought was setting the world on the right track and protecting those who were in need of it.