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The thrill takes over as you see the sentences appear over your screen. You played your hand and waited for the necessary time gap. The feeling of excitement grows within with your senses pleading you to becalm yourself. The magic crystal ball in your mind inviting you into seductively destructive dreams of romance and thus destroys your pre-conceived plan of not getting ahead of yourself.

Reply comes in the same form of light heartedness which featured the conversation so far.You try and read it analyze it re-analyze it, desperate to crack the code which has been eluding you so far.

You decide that you haven’t put the message across. This time you add more nonchalance and light heartedness into to it. liberal use of colons with P’s(god’s gift for the awkward, if you use it as much in real life you are probably in the throes of an epileptic fit) and with a definite edge of interest attached to it.

And success. Sweet success.A reply which you can safely imagine as responsive when you analyze it less than the umpteenth time.You slip into your crystal ball of wonder.

Time lapses. Nothing is as good as it was. Doubts creep in as the cold spectre of cynicism creeps in,and soon it fades; with a scar and all the hurt it carry.

Yet for the little time it lasted. It’s brilliant. Exhilarating and Vibrant.

Love I cannot account for. But, like. Pretty damn good. :p