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“Why you harassing that poor woman?” he asks me.

I end up with 2 questions .
1. Who is the “poor” woman?
2. If there is such a woman, how the hell am I harassing her?

I wanted to tell him, if he is referring to a certain individual, I have no clue as to where that allegation stemmed from, and that I necessarily did not accord the word “poor” to women such as her. If he meant “poor” in the financial sense she seems to be gaining a worthy enough salary. But if he was referring to “poor” in decency and principles, well yea, then I shalt agree to the term.

As for harassing, I am not sure where it can be justified, as she is the one who seems to be harassing others with her lack of discipline and screwing around with any man she could get hold of, and any place that comes to availability.

So please, somebody really needs to get words in order, when they string them together, cz if a woman is jumping into bed with another’s husband, and is addressed “poor” what does the other woman become in return? “rich”?