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It’s funny how lot of people have a habit of making a sexual connotation in order to add humour to the conversation they have with another. I, while appreciating humour, do not condone the irrelevant mentioning of some word that has a sexual innuendo that goes rhyming with the word that I would have mentioned. However it seems that many of us seem to find such use to be “funny”. Call me puritanical if you mayst, which I certainly am not, it’s just that I find it plain weird to witness the habit of people to include sex in every line they speak, and at times, be offensive as well in what they say, without much hesitation over their utterances.

So while being quite open to open speech on sex, I still believe that sex should be used in rational speech which makes sense, rather than for innuendos that be crude, and make no sense.

PS. And no I am not writing about you 😛