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“So I hear you threatened to kill him” he says.

I go “what the fuck” in my head. Why the hell would I threaten to kill an idiot, who is not even worth the effort.

I tell him, “ if I intend to kill someone I would not go around threatening them in advance.”

I mean isn’t it like the stupidest thing one could ever do? If I were serious about killing someone, I might as well keep my mouth shut, so as not to have intention for the crime present. If I were to go around claiming I would kill the individual, I am merely going to bust my own defense. One should think crime and criminal law together, at least me thinks.

“ So are you thinking of killing me too?” he asks. (I be very clueless as to where that question came from, maybe he thought I was a serial killer or something.)

My reply “well if I were to kill you, you will not know of it, till you are dead. Like I mentioned before, for death that materialises, threats will not be present!”


I think for once, I shocked the man! Success!