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Statement of the day courtesy of mum “you have become very cruel!” Well what can one say? Having to live in a mess on a daily basis and having to deal with other people’s shit drives one to cruelty or insanity. I am not sure where I have been driven, maybe both or just mere cruelty.

The counselor tells me that he is glad that I still have my sanity. Well guess that cuts off me being insane, then again, most of the psychopaths appear very sane till proven otherwise. I could easily fall under that category of late. Not that I intend to go on a killing spree, but then I do not mind praying for people to be dead or run over by something of the sort. Yea, vicious thoughts yet to be put to practice. Maybe I will start that line of meditation from next week.

It is funny how minds work. Several years ago, an astrologer once told that even if I kill someone, that the sin would be lesser cz I would be doing it on a utilitarian basis. Then again, I have no clue where his knowledge of religion lies. As for mine, I go with the theory that I should not do to others what I do not want done to me. The bloody thing did work for good 27 years till I landed in a load of shit, which I seem to have a tough time getting out of.
Then again, as one says all’s well that ends well.. they say people who mess around with others lives suffer before their death, or rather die suffering. At times I wish I would survive the days enough to see how these people’s lives come to an end. I shalt believe the statement on karma the day it happens, till then I will go with the theory of believing what I see.

On a different note, exams are around the corner, a much better thing to focus on than a whore and her paramour.

I guess life’s good after all, especially when you do not have to deal with people who are a few levels below even vermin.