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1. All single mums or soon to be single mums are not interested in screwing someone in a bathroom. Just because one did so, does not mean that everyone needs to be judged by the same yard stick.

2. Just because a man leaves behind a woman and decides to run away with his mistress, does not mean the woman is looking for a replacement.

3. All women are not sex addicts, nor are they sexually frustrated.

4. No, all single mums do not play vicitimised, some do, but others have better things to do.

5. Women will talk to you, but that does not mean that they will screw you.

6. When you crack a stupid joke for your pleasure, there are people who think you are for real. So the joke might not be as funny for the other person.

7. Silence does not amount to acceptance! So get it!

8. Some people do have dignity, learn to live with them 