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When your phone battery dies on you, and the hotel decides not to have internet, you know you are on your own for a while. Life gets pretty simplistic, and then thoughts start to flow, which is not disrupted by a chat message you have the urgency of sending had you been elsewhere, with happy access to technology. Here you are, and you have no choice, and you will take the option with my gratitude and shut the world out, and join the peace with much awaited glee, that you shock yourself on realizing how much space in your life, you lacked.

Sometimes life is about having space, having space to listen to those thoughts that you kept suppressed within yourself because you had no mode of penning them down, or rather typing them down in today’s context. I like to be left alone, I like the sound of silence than anything else, and the waves clashing against something unknown which I have not yet ventured to find out, seems a new thought. It is peace that has been given to me, for I have toiled, I had toiled in harsh conditions whereby I had lost myself, and submerged into a being that does what be required, what be expected, what be right. I lived for obligations and not for choice, no options that be offered to me, and I had only what is a must, a should and a duty piled upon as I carry the weight on my shoulders, that people deem courage, that I name “nothingness”.

Life is peaceful where crickets make their music, the waves are heard, and the ferry awaits me to make the crossing, to the other side.