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I was seven months pregnant when my husband left me. He was very affectionate on the day of departure, till he boarded the plane. It was the point where I found out that most of the day’s conversation was a lie, there were no parents who were to drop him to the airport, there was no paranoia on my part, he did have another woman, and he knew very well where his priorities lay (though in a completely different order from mine).

I was a little too pregnant, a little too hormonal, a little too dumb to realize it then. But it was the final time I would be speaking to him, and the last time I would hug him (he did hug me tighter than every single one of the hugs before and during marriage). And it was the last day I was a married woman, at least in real life.

Today my son is almost 6 months old. His dad, he has never seen. I hear from gossip that come through telephone calls of anonymity that his dad was around for Christmas, was seen around with another. Others question me of his dad’s second marriage (not too sure how one gets married prior to finalizing his divorce, but well, the common belief lies to the contrary).

My divorce hearings will start soon, in a few days, and I will realize studying law, practicing law and being a party to a legal process are completely different entities which hath no parallel that can be drawn among them. You become your client, you depend on your lawyer, and hope to god that he would not muck up the life, with a judgment call, for you and for your son.

So here I await, the passive person, the drama that would unfold or not.

Life is short, and I believe my husband made a judgment that be right. For his sake of course, but still humans are selfish, and he a little more than others I presume, but yet, I am sure he has his reasons, be it psychological disorders or lack of upbringing, I am sure he hath his reasons. Whether we should be together, if one cannot be faithful to the other, well that is not even worth the words in the question. There be no need to pretend, to go around calling one’s wife a bitch, best be part ways, be with the mistress, marry her, if that is what makes one’s day.

But while I believe in the cause and the pursuit of happiness, I reject taking one’s son’s life in trivial mode, deciding to bring a child to the world, and then running away from responsibility. One could live with cheating on one’s wife, not sure how one lives with abandoning a child.

In future, I shalt leave it to my son to know his dad or not. He may decide whether he would like to pay a visit to the man who left his mother while she carried him in her, and chose to cut ties with both. It would be his choice, and his father’s.

Every child has a right to know his parents, and I shall respect it.